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Provide boarding to young girls from rural areas to allow them to carry on studies under better working conditions and get them secured from any violence or sexual aggression. Phase 1 consists in building a dormitory for 24 girls inclusive of a study room, a terrace and sanitary facilities.

The local project owner will be the "TALITHA KOUMI" non-profit Organization, name of which means “Young girl, get up!” Local project supervision and follow up will be implemented by S.I. OUAGADOUGOU Doyen Club

The objective of this project is to find funds to pay for Patricia’s education. As result, this young woman will have a profession and will be able to train other young people and children interested in music.

this project will help girls and women to become independent financially and have a profession. The project originated from one of our club members who is a musicotherapist, and head of a choir, Renate KLEE-PERRION.

Development and education of girls from Kasisi Orphanage in Zambia through painting workshop and perspective of economic independence of participants.

We want to give girls from Kasisi Orphanage chance to be economic independence, we want to educate them and help with creative thinking. It will be also a kind of therapy for girls which have very often traumatic experience

The project of SI Bamako Lumière is addressing the specific problem of water.This project benefit women of the Dioro Dogo Association of Bandiagara. The project will be implemented in Bandiagara, 650 km far from Bamako.


SI Ogre Kegmus wants to support for proper and active lifestyle of pensioners.In conversations with 30 seniors at the Social Care Centre (SCC) “Senliepas” and family doctors of the Ķegums Municipality, the limited options of physical activities, suited for everyone’s skills, has been identified as one of the key problems.


This project is to help vulnerable women currently working in the informal job market gain the education and skills necessary to create and maintain small agribusiness while working in cooperative.

SI Kisumu has been collaborating with Women groups from Kisumu County and its environs to upLift the standards.The SI Kisumu Worked with this group during training on Climate change and so thought of continuing to support the same group.
Lumotia Women Group is a self help group which was registered in 2009 with the sole purpose of coming together to uplift the members during financial difficulties, to operate business enterprise through shareholding among members and to work with other organizations to bring about progress in the region.The group has 20 members , some are employed while other are housewives. The group is keeping local goats at one of the members homes through zero grazing.

This project consists in developing, for the first time in Armenia, a cervical cancer prevention program for socially vulnerable groups of women and girls.

This project seeks to improve the living conditions for women inmates living in the Kodiaga Women's prison in Kisumu District and their relatives.

This project aims to raise awareness of the importance of girls' education, inform rural girls about their social, economical, political and cultural rights, and fight the discrimination they face in their day-to-day life. In order to enhance access to school and create an effective home study environment for young rural girls, this project also promotes the adoption of affordable and secure transportation means, as well as home library infrastructure in the Mitimingi Zone of Kenya.

The goal is to build a mill for the women in the village and improve their lives by easing their domestic work. The project will fund the purchase of the mill and its motor, oversee its installation, and ensure the training of the women for its future management.

The purpose of the project is to purchase a multifunctional mill for women and girls from Farada that will be a source of income for them and will lessen the heavy burden of their household tasks. 

The project aims to drill and equip a large diameter and belt-driven well in the village of Farada.

This project seeks to improve women's living conditions through the construction of a mill. The mill will be managed by women's groups and ease the weight of women's domestic work, thus giving them more time for other activities.

The purpose of this project is to develop truck farming and a plantation of fruit-trees that will be managed by the Women's group of the Tia village.

By drilling and building a well in Toya, this project aims to contribute to the fulfillment of the Millennium Development Goal dedicated to provide access to safe drinking water

The main goal of this project is to improve sanitation in the village of Koriomé. The contaminated water used by women and girls in Koriomé increases health risks. This project aims to build 10 toilets and plans to educate women and girls on health practices.

Soroptimist Project Matching is a network where assistance for Soroptimist club projects can be offered or requested. The objective is to match resources between clubs – those that need assistance with a local project and those able to assist. This project enables Soroptimist clubs to work together to address the needs of women and girls in countries far away from their own. It encourages clubs to support the amazing and sustainable work of other Soroptimist clubs around the world. The collaboration broadens the spectrum of clubs that need assistance and clubs that offer support and hence will have a larger impact on Soroptimist work to help women and girls worldwide.

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